Designing For A Better Future


Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock...!

Buying responsibly is more important than ever.

In a culture where overconsumption has become the norm, excessive purchasing has reached an all-time high. In as little as 30 years, our buying habits have shifted considerably and the lifecycle of our clothes has been shortened by a huge 50%. As such, approximately 85% of our fast-fashion items can ultimately end up in landfill, and whilst this is a staggering figure in itself, it is actually only a small part of the environmental impact fashion has on our world. Textile manufacturing needs to be considered too. This process, where water consumption, CO2 emissions and toxic chemicals are used, takes an even bigger toll on our habitat.

We need to revaluate our values and reframe our mindset.

Buying responsibly is more important than ever. In order to protect the future for our children we need to reevaluate our values and reframe our mindset. The significance we place on a purchase is essential. The focus needs to be on buying the things we love, with the intention that we will cherish and reuse it time and time again. We need to make considered investments, instead of buying based on short term thrills. 

Fortune's Favour Is A Creator Of Statement Wardrobe Staples

When we create our scarves it is with the intention that our customers are buying a treasured item of superior quality. Fortune's Favour is a creator of statement wardrobe staples that are inspired by the the past and designed for the future. Our scarves are made to be worn with love, part of a families cherished memories, an emotional connection with its own story that can be shared with the next generation.


To learn more about our journey on becoming a sustainable and conscious brand, please see our sustainable values  and FF commitments page.