Capturing the Magic: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the 'Soru' Photoshoot featuring 'Fortune's Favour'

Capturing the Magic: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the 'Soru' Photoshoot featuring 'Fortune's Favour'


Hey there, fabulous readers! Today, we're taking you on an exclusive journey behind the scenes of one of the most glamorous photoshoots we've been featured in yet. Buckle up, because we're about to reveal all the magic, chaos, and creativity that goes into creating those jaw-dropping images you see in on ours and Soru's website!


The Vision

As with every photoshoot, it starts with a vision, and Soru's for this particular project was all about capturing the essence of timeless Italian beauty with a gorgeous retro vibe. They wanted to showcase fashion that transcends trends and makes a statement. With a mood board full of old-school elegance and modern edge, they were ready to bring their vision to life.


Location Scouting

Finding the perfect location is key to setting the mood for a photoshoot. For this one, Cesca and Mari scouted exquisite spots rich with iconic Capri culture. The cafes, granita stands, fruit markets and the boat provided the perfect backdrop for the shoot!

 The Wardrobe

Having curated a selection of stunning outfits that ranged from bold prints to edgy, contemporary pieces, the wardrobe was carefully chosen to match the location and the overall theme, creating a harmonious blend of fashion and environment. They came to Fortune's Favour to compliment the outfits with our scarves, and we were thrilled to see them used throughout the shoot!



The Photoshoot

The day of the shoot was a whirlwind of activity. Lights were set up, the model was prepped, and the photographer took position. Capturing the perfect shot can be a meticulous process. There's a lot of adjusting, experimenting, and retouching to ensure everything looks just right and they executed it flawlessly!  

The Final Moments

As the sun set and the day drew to a close, they knew they had captured something truly extraordinary. The last rays of sunlight filtering through golden glow on the model, making for some of the most captivating shots of the day with one of Capri's most iconic sights, the incredible 'Faraglioni' captured in the background.


The Results

After hours of hard work, the results were nothing short of stunning. The final images captured the essence of their vision—timeless beauty. Each shot told a story of elegance, power, and confidence, exactly what they aimed for.

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