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'Il Gattopardo a Notte' Silk Square Scarf - Limited Edition

'Il Gattopardo a Notte' Silk Square Scarf - Limited Edition

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The Story Behind the Design

Il Gattopardo, classed as one of the most important novels in Italian modern literature, is a powerful tale of romance, desire and survival during a time of unrest and revolution. The story chronicles the life of a Sicilian noble family struggling to accept the challenges and changes of the political and societal landscape that came with the Risorgimento of 1860- 1861.

The family, and in particular it's Patriarch, foresees the rise of the recently moneyed,  classless gentry threatening aristocracy and their place in high society. The Prince, whilst deeply reluctant to give up his old values, Sicilian nobility and the customs and grandeur that go with that, is shrewd enough to recognises the importance of embracing the new changes that are proving inevitable, particularly if he wishes his family to remain in power and to retain their foothold in Sicilian society. 

In this design the Prince's love of astronomy has been illustrated. The stars are symbolic of something that is eternal and unchanging which brings the Prince comfort during a time of such unrest. Stargazing allows the Prince to escape his earthly troubles and temporarily shields himself from the sweeping societal and political changes. The coach is a symbol of aristocracy, the coins represent the time that Italy was under the ruling of Victor Emmanuel II and the fall of nobility and fading of grandeur. The leopard plays centre stage in the same way that it does in the novel. 


A stunning 90x90 classic silk quadro scarf, hand-drawn and designed in-house.

Beautiful rich colours and delicately illustrated to depict Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa's internationally acclaimed novel 'Il Gattopardo'.

An essential accessory for the effortlessly chic. Transeasonal, transitional and transformative, this silk scarf is perfect for styling in any number of ways from a head scarf to a neck scarf and numerous other ways. 

Hand-Illustrated. Made in England.  

Product Details & Composition

  • 100% Silk
  • 90cm x 90cm quadro (sizes may vary slightly)
  • Hand-drawn and designed in-house.

  • Hand-rolled edges

Care Tips

To protect and preserve the colour and luxuries of your silk scarf, please handle with care.

Always store in a clean, dry place and keep away from direct sunlight.

Store your silk scarf flat and untied to avoid creases or wrinkles.

If necessary, iron on a low temperature.

Avoid contact with rain, water and other chemicals.

Dry Clean Only.




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