A Trip To The Mill

A Trip To The Mill

We took a day trip to visit our silk making partners, the dream team behind the final results of our luxury silk scarves... and to have a poke around their gorgeous mill!


The leaders in their market, the skilled artisans behind the production of the silk scarves have worked with some of the biggest and oldest fashion houses around, producing luxury printed fabrics on the finest 100% pure silk scarves and accessories for decades.

Given the luxury nature of our hand illustrated scarves, we were keen to ensure our designs where being handled by the best-of-the-best and we couldn't have picked better. Not only does their depth of expertise know no bounds, but the way they combine old traditional printing techniques, that have been passed down through generations, with modern day techniques, is unique and flawless.

During our visit we also had an opportunity to delve in to their extensive library; a treasure trove of thousands of archived designs that date back to the 1800's.


For pattern devotees this was a real pinch me moment and we spent hours thumbing through the thickly bound books that brimmed with patterns, designs and motifs... an absolute joy!





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