Silk Square Scarves

Fortune's Favour is an independent online store in the United Kingdom that offers high-quality, elegant, and bespoke Silk Square Scarves. Our Silk Square Scarves, all customised to reflect an eclectic blend of English, Italian, and French fashions, are the ideal present or gift for a loved one or friend, and have been crafted to stand out with their prints and designs.

Fortune’s Favour Silk Square Scarves

Fortune's Favour was founded to highlight the beauty and magnificence of the Mediterranean and everything associated with the region of the world. When you shop our Silk Square Scarves, you enter a world inspired by an eclectic blend of elegant English style, Italian flair, and French "je ne sais quois," with an Italian ancestry, an Anglo-French upbringing, and British heritage.
Our 100% Silk Square Scarves featuring drawings of flora, fruits, and fauna, historical narratives, cityscapes, fantasy settings, whimsical images, tranquil colours, and brilliant, eye-catching colours will be found here in equal measure.
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Our Silk Square Scarves Make The Perfect Gift

Our Silk Square Scarves are the perfect foundation for an outfit, seamlessly blending together a look or enhancing an ensemble. They might be stylish and traditional, or they can be sleek and casual. You won't notice a seasonal pattern here unless it speaks to us and is core to who we are. We select classic styles, colours, and prints that, depending on your mood, not only make you feel good but also complement your outfit and encourage wearability (which isn't a word but should be) time and again.
It's all about elevating in Fortune's Favour, whether it's a person's spirit, confidence, or their attire. That's why we have made our products to evoke memories and strong emotional responses. Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas, or simply a little thankyou gesture, our Silk Square Scarves are the ideal choice that is bound to evoke a joyous reaction.
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All Our Pieces Are Bespoke And Handcrafted

We are hands-on throughout the entire process, from design to production, and always ensure that our Silk Square Scarves are manufactured with the best quality and attention. All of our scarves are hand drawn and custom created, and we collaborate with the UK's oldest remaining silk mill to produce all of our scarves. As industry leaders, we are happy to work with a team that has decades of printing experience and has created unequalled abilities and procedures to produce only the best.


We Are A Brand Based On Sustainability

We create our Ladies' Silk Square Scarves with the intention of selling a precious piece of great craftsmanship. Fortune's Favour creates statement wardrobe necessities that are inspired by the past yet designed for the present. Our scarves are meant to be worn with love, to become a treasured family memory, and to forge an emotional bond with a unique story that may be passed down to future generations.
Our zero waste concept entails eliminating textile waste, utilising surplus silk, vintage, and used materials, and working with small order runs, limited edition goods, and the most desired restocks. Furthermore, if we are to be truly eco-friendly, our packaging must be entirely recyclable, biodegradable, or comprised of recycled materials. We'll strive to incorporate them as new sustainable packaging technologies emerge.


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