The Tale Behind The 'Il Gattopardo a Notte' Scarf

The Tale Behind The 'Il Gattopardo a Notte' Scarf

Leopard illustration
'Il Gattopardo' is a story that goes hand-in-hand with Sicily. One of the most influential books in Italian modern history, it is a classic novel that chronicles the political and societal unrest in Sicily that was occurring during the Risorgimento.

The print picks up on some of the main themes that run through the novel. The leopard, representing the Prince, can be seen pulling a majestic coach that brims with old Italian coins, across the Sicilian plains with stars and moon details punctuating the night sky. The carriage representing the change that the country is experiencing and the coins, that depict Victor Emmanuel II, the reigning power over Italy during the unification, are a symbol of the Prince's reluctance to relinquish his place in society and his deep unrest surrounding the imminent cultural changes. The moon and the stars pay tribute to the protagonists love of astronomy, the only remaining constant in his life and the thing that brings him solace at a time when he feels such inner turmoil.

With a Sicilian heritage it would be remiss not to feature this acclaimed story in our launching collection of limited edition pieces... do hope you’ll love it as much as we do!




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